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Welcome to Goldenhart

We make sophisticated, affordable websites that are easy to use.

Our aim is to demystify the Web and make it accessible, particularly for small businesses, and especially those who are venturing out for the first time onto the 'Interweb' (!) making our sites simple to use and keeping the complexity where it belongs: firmly behind the scenes!

We can do that because of the years of experience we've had - we sometimes say since the Internet was 'steam driven' - and we can make it seem simple, certainly not blinding you with unnecessary jargon.

So we can give you a valuable Web presence for little more than the cost of an evening out, or a fully content managed site that you can update yourself as easily as writing an email, which will pay for itself in a surprisingly short time.

We help ensure that your site is found by creating a site for you that is 'search engine friendly'.

We also run a local community magazine site, Shepton Life, that will help your business be noticed, actively encouraging local people to use the internet to find the goods and services they need and increasing search engine rankings.

It costs nothing to talk to us, and we are always pleased to help people identify the most effective way for them to use the Internet. Give us a ring on 0845 8335219
to find out more.