Logo Goldenhart


 Chamber of commerce Town Council
Shepton Chamber of Comerce
CMS with random logo display.
Shepton Mallet Town Council. As is often the case, they wanted their site to stay looking exactly as it was. We obliged, but there is huge complexity behind the scenes. Full CMS, a newsletter function and much else besides.
BAC Right Price DIY
 A complex database driven site for all five Mendip towns with an encrypted member's area. Full content management. Local police approved.
 Considerable, hidden complexity - a newsletter function, trade pricing and templated addition of products. Full content management. Their design .
The Oak Armour
What can happen when our designer has more say over the design. More work by our graphic designer.
Swan Inn Thumbnail Shepton Life
Fully updateable by the owner (CMS)
News posting direct to Shepton Life. The owner's preferred design.

 Our local magazine site, in the process of development. Calendar updatable by owners of our CMS sites with their own news. Rotating ads.

Dusthole Thumbnail  Harwoos Farm
Another local pub - CMS
News updates direct to Shepton Life
An e-commerce site running on open source shopping cart. More often we use our own bespoke software.
Healing Centre Thumbnail Blue Lagoon
A healing centre.
Brochure site.
 A Flash site.
Blue sky conservatories Damaris

An unusual use of Flash.
Another site by our designer.

A site with a religious theme.

Arkle Thumbnail  Orchard Rooms Thumbnail
A huge archive site.
Started many years ago.
Dated now, but very popular.
Another new age centre
A brochure site.
Bright Threads Thumbnail
  A very understated site.
Selling kimono.
A fabric artist in Tuscany.
A brochure site.