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Mini Brochure Site

Brochure siteA 'brochure site' is, much as you might think, the online, electronic equivalent of a full-colour brochure, but much better value than the paper based equivalent.

Ours are economical but sophisticated and designed for those wanting to get on the web quickly and easily and who don't need to update the content themselves.
  • Banner - text or photograph with text overlay
  • Up to six pages - like having six different brochures
  • Horizontal or vertical navigation
  • Site search
  • A contact form (to avoid exposing your email address to spam harvesters)
  • A free co.uk or com domain name
  • Two encrypted email addresses with webmail or forwarded to your existing account
  • One year’s free hosting with 250MB space and 2.50GB bandwidth
  • Google analytics integration
Various extras can be bolted on, and we can also include design studio graphics, including logo design, as required.

These sites are designed to be upgraded easily
at a later date to a site you can edit yourself.